Peekay International Ltd.
ISO 9001:2008        |       Export House

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Quality Policy

Pee Kay International Ltd. Is engaged in export and supply of textile fabrics with the commitment of offering quality products at competitive prices and provides excellent support to its customers that meets or exceeds the industry standards.

  • Our main motto is to provide customer satisfaction by providing the best possible quality at very competitive prices.
  • We maintain mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers for enhanced business productivity.
  • We have a quality control department which controls the quality of the goods received at our warehouse so that only good quality goods are supplied to our customers.
  • The defected goods are sold in scrap or at a lower price, reviewing the defect type.
  • We do not supply goods that are unapproved by our Quality Control Department to our customers.
  • We will continually improve our Quality Management System using Perception, Internal Audit, Survey and Review of our ISO certificate.